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Getting started with plugin development


To compile and run the tests use the following command:

./gradlew check

Launch it with Nextflow

To test with Nextflow for development purpose:

Clone the Nextflow repo into a sibling directory

cd .. && git clone
cd nextflow && ./gradlew exportClasspath

Append to the settings.gradle in this project the following line:


Compile the plugin code

./gradlew compileGroovy

Run nextflow with this command:

./ run -plugins nf-validation <script/pipeline name> [pipeline params]

Change and preview the docs

The docs are generated using Material for MkDocs. You can install the required packages as follows:

pip install mkdocs-material pymdown-extensions pillow cairosvg

To change the docs, edit the files in the docs/ folder and run the following command to generate the docs:

mkdocs serve

To preview the docs, open the URL provided by mkdocs in your browser.