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Process per file chunk


You need to split one or more input files into chunks and execute a task for each of them.


Use the splitText operator to split a file into chunks of a given size. Then use the resulting channel as input for the process implementing your task.


Chunks are kept in memory by default. When splitting big files, specify the parameter file: true to save the chunks into files. See the documentation for details.

Splitter for specific file formats are available, e.g. splitFasta and splitFastq.


params.infile = "$baseDir/data/poem.txt"
params.size = 5

process foo {
  debug true
  file x

  rev $x | rev

workflow {
  Channel.fromPath(params.infile) \
    | splitText(by: params.size) \
    | foo

Run it

Use the the following command to execute the example:

nextflow run nextflow-io/patterns/